With over ten years’ experience in the fuel retail sector, the AIM team’s knowledge of the specific insurance requirements of the modern fuel retailer is well founded.  We have worked extensively with Garage Watch and Independent Forecourt Magazine to ensure our understanding of the fuel retailer’s priorities is up to date and, as a result, the right protection can be purchased with the minimum of questions.

AIM has an exclusive Scheme product to provide a tailored insurance package for fuel retailers.  Well managed forecourts can access very competitive terms on this basis.

For example, benefits automatically include *:Fuel Retailers

  • Cover for pole signs, canopies, pumps and carwashes,
  • Fluctuations in value of wetstock,
  • Business interruptions caused by damage to suppliers’ premises (e.g. the Buncefield explosion),
  • The cost of tracing and accessing leaks to water or fuel pipes,
  • Business interruption caused by local unplanned roadworks.
  • *Subject to adequacy of sums insured and full policy terms and conditions.

For further information

To find out more about the benefits and potential cost saving, please let us know when your renewal is due via the “Contact” link above, or simply call or email: 0333 577 8232, [email protected]