The AIM team have experience of working on over 300 transactions to provide insurance due diligence reviews for trade buyers, private equity and venture capital firms. We help investors to buy with confidence knowing the assets and liabilities are fully protected.

Failure to properly assess the insurance protection can lead to unforeseen uninsured losses that will impact directly on the balance sheet. This could delay the exit or reduce the exit value and the ROI, especially in the case of liability claims that may take years to resolve. In extreme cases this can lead to insolvency of the investee company and writing-off the investment, potentially creating longer term problems for the principals’ future fund raising.

Related services we offer include:

  • Investment Management Insurance – protection for private equity and venture capital firms against their specific professional and management liability exposures;
  • Transaction Insurance, including Vendor or Purchaser Warranty & Indemnity, IPO and Prospectus Liability, Environmental Impairment Liability, Specific Transactional Insurance (such as to resolve known uninsured losses), Key Person Insurance;
  • Employee Benefits due diligence.

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